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Sep 2017

Bergger Pancro 400 vs JCH Street Pan 400 film

The Bergger Pancro 400 and JCH Street Pan 400 film are new to the black and white film scene, but have quickly gained traction in the film community and developed a large fanbase. So much so that many online stores have a hard time keeping them in stock. Based on that popularity we set out to...

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Aug 2017

Need to develop an old roll of film? We can help.

“My wife found an undeveloped film roll in a kitchen drawer. She thought the pictures were from her 2003 vacation, but when she got it developed she was amazed to find that they were of her First Communion, 20 years ago!”* Have an old roll of film to develop? We can help Develop your film...

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Aug 2017

A found film mystery from a Central California thrift shop

By tracy mikulec In Photo Lab Blog

We want share a compelling story from The Darkroom customer, Josh Bohart. Josh was recently featured on a local ABC10 news segment because he bought a Argus C3 (aka “The Brick”) camera from a Goodwill Thrift Shop in Folsom, a Central California town. When cleaning the camera, he was surprised to find it loaded with a...

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E-6 slide film ektachrome and transparency film processing
Jun 2017

Convert Your Negatives and Slides to Digital Images – Liberate Your Treasured Memories

Free your hidden memories from their dark and decaying box in your closet by converting your negatives and slides to digital files. From holidays, family photos and vacations, your treasured memories remain hidden, stored away as slides or negatives. With computers, social media (#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT) and smartphones, memories are now easily accessible and sharable. We...

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Photo Comparison - Film vs Digital
May 2017

Film vs Digital – A Photo Comparison

With film usage and adoption on the rise, we wanted to resurrect the debate of digital photos versus analog photos.  As a film processing lab we obviously have a bias, so not going to say which is better, but just to present the differences and list advantages. While in Eastern Sierra Nevada we shot two photos,...

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Cinestill Film
May 2017

CineStill 50Daylight & 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 Color Negative Film

Ever shot with CineStill 50Daylight (50D) & 800Tungsten (800T) ? Both were originally movie stock or cinema film that have been prepared and packaged for use in 35mm still cameras. They have a very unique look and are meant to shoot in very different scenarios. 50D is a daylight film with very fine grain and...

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Jan 2017

Rangefinder vs SLR

Rangefinder and SLR (single-lens reflex) are the two most common types of film cameras. We detail the differences in each camera style with photo examples.

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Jan 2017

“Unique Perspective” Film Photography Contest

With the beginning of the new year comes new perspective and we would love to see your unique perspective on life captured on film - show us your creative side! We want to see your double exposures, crazy angles, abstract views, and so on!

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1-portra 160 - eos 3 03-29
Nov 2016

“Togetherness” Film Photography Contest

The holiday season is quickly approaching which often brings people together. We'd love to see your film photography that captures "togetherness" , from; candid shots of friends and family, snapshots that capture the warmth holidays - pretty much any film photos that capture people coming together!

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Canonet - fuji200 HANNAH
Sep 2016

Why Shoot Film?

By tracy mikulec In Film Photography,Photo Lab Blog

To say I was intimidated the first time I put my hands on a film camera would be a generous understatement. I’m not a photographer by any standard.

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