Accidentally exposed film… what does it look like?

Ever wonder what your film will look like if you accidentally open the back of your camera? Well, here you go…

A Canon Elan7 with a 36 exposure 35mm roll of Lomo800 film was accidentally dropped 0n the 36th frame. The camera back opened up, exposing the film to bright sunlight. Yikes!  It was quickly closed and rewound into the cartridge but light leaks were inevitable.  Surprisingly, 75% of the roll had very usable images and most of the light leaks looked pretty cool!

Accidentally exposed film

If this happens to you, depending on where you are in the roll you’ll probably get some decent images. When developing your film at The Darkroom lab, if for some reason your roll produces zero images, we’ll issue you a blank roll voucher which can be used for future film development.

Below are all the frames from the roll of film exposed to light.

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I love that I googled about light leaks and the reference article was in fern canyon, one of my favorite walks. Cheers

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