Welcome to The Darkroom

In business since 1976, we’re a traditional dip & dunk lab with the modern convenience of easy online ordering, free inbound shipping, and a mobile app that allows you to order processing as well as download and archive your scans! 

We Make Film Processing Easy! 

We process 35mm and 120, as well as half frame, single use cameras, 110, 126, APS and large format in (C-41) Color Negative, B&W, and (E-6) slide film. We provide three scan options: standard, enhanced, & super scans, all of which are uploaded to your own personal Darkroom account where you can view, download, print, and archive.

We provide a wide variety of print options which can be ordered with processing or later on from your uploaded photos; including true black & white prints on Ilford Silver Gelatin paper, photographic color prints, canvas prints and more.

With us, you’ll always get postage paid shipping to the lab, reliable service with order updates, and our flat-rate return shipping covers as much film as vou send. To top things off, we’ll always send back your negatives with a fresh prepaid mailer for your next order!

Phil and Keith in the photo lab
Keith Swan and Phil Steblay

Behind the Scenes at The Darkroom!

We have a passionate crew of film enthusiasts that shepherds your order through the lab.

Our photo lab dates back to 1976 in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco 1976

Our heritage goes back to the 1940s. Like most great photo labs, The Darkroom was started by photographers for photographers. Back then, coming to a photo lab like ours could be intimidating unless you were a pro. Unless you knew what you were talking about, you would get the “you don’t know what you’re talking about, you idiot” attitude.

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