Info on scanning your film & film negatives

With every roll of film we develop, The Darkroom will scan your film and negatives in one of 3 scan sizes. See details below on scan sizes. Scanned files are uploaded for web viewing, downloading and sharing with friends or posting to Facebook.


Download Scan Examples
Example has all scan resolutions
96mb file. Zip compressed file

Standard Scan

Our Standard Scans will be more than sufficient for most people and have enough resolution to create 5”x7” prints and more than enough resolution for emailing, posting on websites or uploading to Facebook.


For the geeky people, the file size of the Standard Scan is around 4.5 MB uncompressed. Files are compressed into jpegs, and file size will appear much smaller and will only appear 4.5 MB when you open up the file in an image editing program like Photoshop.

Enhanced Scan

For those wanting more resolution, the Enhanced Scan is perfect for prints up to 12”x18” or for use in a quality printed brochure.

Enhanced Scans are 2048×3072 pixels or 18.1 MB uncompressed. Remember that the file size will appear much smaller until you open it up in an image editing program like Photoshop.


Super Scan

Our new super scan is perfect for those wanting professional resolution or no concern about having enough resolution for current and future projects.

Works very well for advertising, giant prints and large posters.

Super Scans are 4492×6774 pixels or 87.1 MB uncompressed from 35mm. Remember that the file size will appear much smaller until you open it up in an image editing program like Photoshop. Unlike our Standard and Enhanced scans, Super Scans are delivered via web download; however we do offer an optional USB thumbdrive.


Have film negatives and slide film?

Learn about scanning your negatives at the Darkroom.


Some Exceptions and Disclaimers: If you have a square format image, the scans will default to the shortest dimension. The standard scan image is 1024×1024 pixels, and the enhanced is 2048×2048 pixels. In other words, your scan size will vary if your image is something other than a 2×3 aspect ratio.

All scans will open at 72 DPI or PPI (dots or pixels per inch). This may sound low, but it’s the pixel dimensions that counts, not DPI. A 1024×1536 image (our standard scan), is about 21 inches wide at 72 DPI or 5 inches at 300 DPI. You can test this by downloading our sample scan and convert it to 300dpi in Photoshop. Make sure you uncheck the “Resample Image” checkbox. You’ll see the image stays the same. For example, an image that is 5″ x 7″ at 300dpi is the same resolution as a photo that is 29″ x 21″ at 72dpi.