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For 40+ years, The Darkroom Photo Lab has specialized in quality film developing.

Mail your film using our postage paid mailer, and for as low as $11, we’ll process your film, scan your negatives, and upload your images for immediate download or to share on Facebook, Instagram or other social network. We’ll also mail you a photo CD, negatives and prints (prints are optional).

Our award winning photo lab has developed literally millions of rolls of film and we still love it!

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Transferring your home movies is easy! Send your video tapes to The Darkroom and enjoy those memories again.

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“Vivid Color” Film Photography Contest

Flowers are bursting into bloom, the days are drawing longer, and we're breaking free of our winter coats. Spring has officially stepped on to the scene. As a nod to the fresh arrival of the season's vibrant tones, we're celebrating with the launch of our next contest: "Vivid Color." Slide film, vibrant C-41, cross processed, color infrared--you name it. If it's poppy, saturated film, we want to see it! ..


Tips for bringing film through airport security and the effects X-rays have on film

Is it true that TSA security X-rays will not affect film below 800 ISO?..


“Black & White” Film Photography Contest!

There's something awesome about black & white film. It's classic, it's beautiful - we could probably write a novel about our love for it. But we're not writers, so we won't do that. Instead, we're dedicating our next contest to black & white photography - portraiture, street photography, landscapes, architecture, all of it. If it's black & white film, it qualifies. Join us and share your favorite shots...

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Can’t believe there is a company out there like you. I love my 35 millimeter camera. Haven’t used it in years because I couldn’t find anyone who would develope other than a drug store. The quality was just not there, so I gave it up. So thrilled to see that there are still people who love to take traditional photos. I have five children. My photos are the only pictures hanging in their homes.

Via Email

- Nicoletta A, Essex, CT


This is where I get all of my film developed. It is an easy process. The darkroom works fast and gives beautiful results. Absolutely wonderful customer service. I trust them 100% with my film.

Via Yelp / 5.0 star rating 3/27/2017

- Samantha A. Malibu, CA


I send all my film here. It gets processed well, in good time and uploaded to my account on their website. Negs come back a few days later. Love it. Really easy service.

Via Yelp

- Kate H. - San Francisco, CA


I thought this would be a hassle to get disposable cameras developed but they made it super easy.
Fast response when I contacted them.
I used a mailer and just mailed the whole waterproof camera. Within a week my photos are back crisp and vibrant!
Nothing to worry about if I ever choose to go with a disposable camera.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 7.50.10 AM
Via Yelp

- Ghia A., Rowland Heights, CA

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10

The quality, and especially the speed, of service is excellent. This was my first order from our new home in Hilo, HI. You are actually faster than my lab in Salt Lake City with me picking it up! Aloha

via email

- Richard G., Hilo HI

Isidro F

I am floored with the service here, and seeing as the only real complaint Yelpers have is that SOMETIMES their order is delayed an extra day or two (eye roll), I feel it’s almost a guarantee I’ll get these consistent results from The Darkroom. Truly glad I found this place.

Isidro F. Anaheim, CA
Via Yelp

- Isidro F. Anaheim, CA


I’ve used The Darkroom a couple of times for developing and processing my 35 and 120 film.  They do a great job, their scans are beautiful, but best of all is their customer service.  They are responsive and customer-centric.  I will continue to use them for all of my film needs!
via Yelp

- Zack K., Bridgeton, MO

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6

Thank you! You all rock! I recommend you to friends all the time. Darkroom love to darkroom love

Handwritten note

- Ashley

I just want to say you guys are the best company I’ve ever dealt with. Email updates on orders really keep people in the loop. I placed an order for some Christmas gifts but my picture files were not big enough for you to use. I emailed some other photos you were able to use but I never thought my order would make it by Christmas because of the delay. You shipped it out with priority mail and I received it today. I can’t thank you enough. You are really a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS.


- Mike W.


First time using The Darkroom, and all I can find myself saying is, “Wow.” I am floored with the service here… …I feel it’s almost a guarantee I’ll get these consistent results from The Darkroom. Truly glad I found this place.
via Yelp

- Isidro F., Anaheim, CA


Wow! I was so pleased with the service. I sent in a variety of B&W, slide and colour film in 35 and 120 format for processing and scanning. True B&W is tricky to scan because you can use the same process to “remove” dust and specks from scans, and most other outfits I have used end up leaving some behind that I have to clean up in software. Not so with The Darkroom. That is a huge time saver. Also, the amount of sharpening was spot on (to my taste).

5 stars

via Yelp

- Michel C.


I really like the darkroom because

1. easy downloads
Very convenient for downloading scans.
2. fast turnover
It usually takes them less than 24 hours to process and scan.

5 stars

-via Yelp

- Xiao L.


Thank you guys so much, I can’t say enough good about the quality of your processing and scans. Really love that I can send out film on a Sunday across the country and view my images online 2 business days later. You guys are awesome!

via Facebook

- A.E.Pearson Photography

Wow! You folks are absolutely incredible! I just viewed about half the uploads you e-mailed me this morning and literally had tears in my eyes– partly from the memories that were evoked from our recent trip to New Zealand, but largely because of the incredible quality of your work. I’ve been using your service for several years now, and would not trust my film with anyone else! It’s not just the quality of your scans and prints, it ‘s also all the “little” things like a quality website that is easy to navigate. Thanks for being the leader in film processing!

- Richard Nunamaker


I just sent in my first roll of film as a “trial run” of your service. I must say that I was completely over-the-top satisfied with the results, and could not be happier! And to let you know just how fantastic your service is, you should know that I am extremely picky when it comes to my photography. Needless to say, I will be sending all of my 120 film to you guys from now on, so congratulations on becoming my absolute favorite photographic processing place!

Via Email

- Thomas Slatin


We received our negatives back today and we have finished crying over what amazing miracles you accomplished with that mess of unknown negatives we sent you. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover what you did. We didn’t know who was in most of those and now we do. With the exception of 4 people, everyone in those negatives have passed on and there were some people no one had any pictures of at all. Thanks to your skills, now our family does. It’s a remarkable job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Tim and Deborah Stratman

Hello! I just received the link to my order. Wow!! These scans are incredible – I’m blown away by the quality. Thank you so much!! I haven’t shot film in nearly 15 years and I look forward to sending you more!

- Dan Kehlenbach

Dear Darkroom:

This is the finest online response I can recall receiving to one of my random questions submitted via a website customer service portal. I’m not kidding – if there was such an award I would nominate you for customer service staff of the year!

Now I know what to do. I shall be placing my film in the mail to you tomorrow.

Thanks for your assistance.

- Spencer