Ferrania P33 Review: A New B&W Film!

Italian film manufacturer, Film Ferrania, has released a brand new film, P33, which is a 160iso panchromatic black and white film. Ferrania states that P33, is “a leap forward in black and white photography that seamlessly combines innovation and tradition for outstanding results.” and the results are in fact, outstanding! P33 retains the fine grain and well punchy tones of Ferrania’s P30 80iso B&W film but has a higher sensitivity of 160iso as well a lower contrast, making it more versatile and forgiving than P30.

As a traditional dip & dunk lab who develops B&W in house as well as offers true B&W prints on silver gelatin paper we’re always excited about brand are B&W film stocks! It was a pleasure testing P33 and we were very happy with the results as not only is the fine grain beautiful and very sharp but where it excels most is its’ incredibly smooth tones and medium contrast which provides a lot of shadow detail. In our opinion, the look of this film reminds us a lot of the original FujiFilm Acros 100 but since Acros 100 is no longer made we compared P33 to Ilford’s FP4 plus 125 as well Cinestill’s BWXX to give you and idea of what to expect from this film.

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As you will see the comparison below, P33 has more subtle tones and lower contrast than Cinestill BWXX which is known for it;s punky tones and more noticeable gain. P33 in comparison to Ilford’s FP4 Plus 125, are a much closer look but we find the P33 has slightly better shadow detail and despite being a high iso than FP4, it has finer grain which is very sharp!

Ferrania P33’s 160iso makes it ideal for daylight photography and with its medium contrast and high exposure latitude it’s a great option for landscapes, architecture, and street photography. Its beautiful tones and smooth tonal transitions make it a great for portraiture as well. In comparison to P30, Ferrinia’s 80iso B&W film, it haves less contrast and much more forgiving when it comes under or overexposure. If you like shooting with fine grain B&W film, like: Kodak TMAX 100, Ilford Delta 100 or FP4 Plus 125 but want to try something new, we highlight recommend this film as it has some of the smoothest tones we’ve seen and it truly produces beautiful results. Cinestill is the official North America distributor for this film and will have it for sale February 29th for $11.99.

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Beautiful series of shots — both P33 and their comparison counterparts!

It looks like Film Ferrania is recommending a very narrow set of developers for use with P33. I wonder if you have any thoughts to share in that regard?

Keep doing great work!

Cheers, Doug.

It would be interesting to know how did you expose it, at box speed? In my opinion, the “problem” with the Ferrania P30 is that it is far away from being a real 80 iso film. With my tests I had to expose it at 40 iso and with a very little time in development (about 5 minutes) to get some details in the shadows and not burn the lights. I like very much the tones of the P30 but for my kind of work I found it pretty unusable (street and documentary), so I’m very happy that Ferrania begins to produce more sensitive films (I know that a 320 iso is in planning). I ordered five rolls yesterday and can’t wait to make my tests on the P33 too. But I’m very curious to know how do you deal with it in both exposition and development. Thanks

I found that P30 works great at 80 if you stand develop it 1 hour in 1+300 510-pyro. The negatives looked perfect to me and that’s what got me hooked on it.

Acros 100 is not being made, but the improved version, Acros II, has been for several years now. P33 is a unique film, and quite different from any film out there. I’ve found that best results are at EI 80. I’m hoping it’s made available in 120, like P30.

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Thanks for the thorough comparison. Ferrania P33 seems like a fantastic addition to the black and white film lineup offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.
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Just developed P33 in Rodinal 1:25 @ 20C for 10 min. The negatives look really good. Would like to have some times for HC-110 also. Hope Digital Truth adds the P33 to their Massive Dev Chart.

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Great looking images. Excellent side-by-by comparison to another excellent film, CineStill BWXX.

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