Ferrania Ferrania P30 - Film Review

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4.7 rating

Do you like fine grain and very strong contrast?  Ferrania P30 might be the black & white film for you. When shooting with this Italian made 80 iso Panchromatic film you want to be careful not to shoot in contrary light because you can easily blowout the highlights. We recommend shooting this film in even light if possible and with its’ high contrast it will bring dull, evenly light scenes to life!

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4.7 rating
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good33%

A slice of cinema in film photography

5.0 rating
March 12, 2020

The term “cinematic” is often nauseatingly used without true intention, but this film undoubtedly fits the adjective. Though it requires greater consideration than more latitudinally gifted B&W film stocks, the results achievable on P30 cannot be matched by competitors. The tones are unbelievably rich, like swimming through a bath of chocolate, and even with its high contrast there is more detail than expected in mixed lighting situations. In fact, despite all the warnings about its peskiness, I have been able to shoot indoors and in bright sun with hard shadows without losing information where it counts. It’s not for everyone and certainly not for every situation, but I’m so glad Ferrania is back in business with P30.


The only new look and new film of the 21st century

5.0 rating
February 19, 2020

After watching Otto e Mezzo, years ago, I wondered the film stock and if it were ever made into still stock. Well it turned out Ferrania did just this. The 80 ASA film is spectacular, with a huge tonal scale in the right developer.

Scott Micciche

First time testing P30

4.0 rating
January 31, 2020

I got what I was expecting and will try it again. Love the high contrast and this is something you need to think about when shooting and composing. I shot it at box speed ISO 80 with an Olympus OM4 in auto mode with a Tamron 35-70 Adaptall-2 lens.

Fabricio Jimenez