Film Photography Meetup 2024: Columbus Ohio

Thank you to everyone who attended our Columbus Ohio meetup April 13th, 2024. With over 200 people at our photowalk and 100 plus at the Beers & Cameras it was a complete success but what stood out over the numbers is the amazing people we met! We love meeting up with the film photography community and always leave these events so energized and eager for the next meetup where we’re already planning!

For this meetup as well as future meetups, we want to find ways to engage every who cannot make it which is why we did camera giveaway as well as a YouTUbe live with  @FilmPhotographyProject which you can see below!

Thanks you to Matt Day, the Mat Marrash, Michael Raso, and everyone who made it out! We look forward to seeing all your Columbus film photos!

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Sounds like a blast! Who knew Columbus, Ohio could be the next big spot for film photography meetups? Can’t wait to snap some shots, sip some brews, and soak in the creative vibes. Count me in for the Scioto Mile loop photowalk and definitely snagging a ticket for Beers & Cameras at Land Grant Brewing Company. Cheers to capturing life’s moments, one frame at a time!

The city is home to numerous museums, galleries, theaters, and performance venues, offering a diverse array of artistic and cultural experiences. From the Columbus Museum of Art to the Ohio Theatre and the Wexner Center for the Arts, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore and appreciate creativity in all its forms.

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The Columbus Creative Photography Group is a community of photographers who are dedicated to their personal and professional development as artists and artisans.Great event held with lot of information.

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