Film Photography Meetup 2024: Columbus Ohio

We had so much fun at last year’s Chicago meetup that we teamed up with the Film Photography Project to host another Mid-west meetup in Columbus Ohio, April 13th 2024! This event will feature two meetups: a film photography photowalk around the Scioto Mile loop and a Beers & Cameras meetup at Land Grant Brewing Company!

We love meeting up with the film photography community and cannot wait to meet you all! We also understand that many people will not be able to make it so we’ll be doing Instagram & YouTube lives as well as creating a lot of educational content so be sure to follow @thedarkroomlab & @FilmPhotographyProject!

Both events have a limited amount of tickets so be sure to register for each event below!

TDR Film Developing

Photowalk at Scioto Mile

We will meet at Genoa Park which is in front of Cosi, at 1pm. After everyone has gathered we’ll address the group and begin a 1 mile loop around the Scioto Mile. We have 25o person limit so be sure to sign up with the link below!

Tickets & more info here!

Beers & Camera meetup at Land Grant Brewing Company

Following the photowalk, we will be meeting up at Land Grant Brewing Company at 4:30pm for a Beers & Cameras. Land Grant Brewing Company has a wide variety of beer, non-alcoholic options, and will have food trucks as well. There will be 130 person limit so be sure to get your tickets below!

Tickets & more info here!

Both events will be outside so be sure to pay close attention to the local Columbus weather and dress accordingly. For parking info, go here!

Follow @thedarkroomlab & @FilmPhotographyProject for updates!

In attendance :

The Darkroom – IG @TheDarkroomLab

The Darkroom owners, Phil Steblay & Keith Swan will be attendance along with The Darkroom’s Director of Marketing, Trev Lee.

FPP – IG @FilmPhotographyProject

FPP founder, Michael Raso as well as FPP podcast co-host & Columbus local, Mat Marrash will be in be attendance! We will recording some podcasts with them, doing live Youtube from Columbus, and they will be giving away cameras and film at the Beers & Cameras meetup!

Matt Day- IG @mattdayphoto – YT  @mattdayphoto

Matt Day is a multi-talented professional photographer from southern Ohio. He wears many hats- a devoted husband, caring father, and engaging content creator on YouTube. However, it is through his camera that he weaves together the various aspects of his life. He uses photography as a tool to document not just his own journey but also those around him. With a keen focus on documenting life, he captures raw and genuine moments that reveal the true essence of humanity. The art of shooting and developing film has become his medium for unraveling the profound significance hidden within everyday experiences.

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Sounds like a blast! Who knew Columbus, Ohio could be the next big spot for film photography meetups? Can’t wait to snap some shots, sip some brews, and soak in the creative vibes. Count me in for the Scioto Mile loop photowalk and definitely snagging a ticket for Beers & Cameras at Land Grant Brewing Company. Cheers to capturing life’s moments, one frame at a time!

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