Two Low light films to shoot without flash or tripod.

Want to shoot in low light with no flash or tripod?  Ilford Delta 3200 & Kodak TMAX p3200 are two great options!

They’re both high 3200 iso B&W stocks that perform well in low light but produce different looks.  Low light films Ilford Delta 3200 & Kodak TMAX p3200

TMAX p3200 has punchy tones, strong contrast, and surprisingly fine grain while Delta 3200 has more subtle tones, mild contrast, and more noticeable but still good looking grain.  Check out our bio link to see these in a side-by-side comparison that shows the difference in contrast, tonality, and grain!  We’ll be shooting these once again to show a wider variety of side-by-side comparisons, like; night scenes, daylight portraits, how they perform with under and overexposure, and will show more info on how each shot was metered!

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Delta 3200 vs T-MAX P3200 film boxes
Delta 3200 Left | T-MAX P3200 Right

Delta 3200 vs T-MAX P3200 Guitar Photo attachment-medium size-medium attachment-medium size-medium

T-MAX P3200 vs Delta 3200 – Side by Side Comparisons


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