Ilford FP4 or Fuji Acros 100

We have shot a decent amount of the new FujiFilm Acros II 100 and absolutely love it!

Having shot a lot of the new FujiFilm Acros II 100, it’s definitely a favorite of ours, but at $12 a roll, it can be pretty pricey. We compared it to the Ilford FP4 Plus 125 which is nearly half the price.  While we continue to prefer the Acros 100, the Ilford FP4 Plus 125 has a similar look. Both stocks have a very fine grain, medium contrast, and beautiful tones!

These portraits were taken with the same camera and lens – Pentax 67 – 105mm f/2.4 and metered with sekonic L-308s incident meter.

Acros 100
FP4 125
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Acros 100
FP4 125

While it’s true that medium format makes all film look very good, but the differences are not only noticeable in this post (depending on your monitor size and resolution) but from looking at the original files, you can see the same differences in the full resolution scans on a high res monitor, as well as the BW prints on true B&W silver gelatin paper. Additionally, we have seen similar side-by-side comparisons in 35mm and they’re very close, which is why we did this comparison, to see if we could see a difference in 120.


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Recommended developer? Can I use Ilford DD-X and get great results?

You can Ilford DD-X!! In fact, both stocks were developed in IlfoTech DDX which works great for both stocks.

Are both photos metered at box speed or at 100?

These were metered at Godspeed. We did shot a second shot for the FP4 using the 100iso metering and there wasn’t a noticeable difference so you would likely get the same results shooting both at 100.

FP4 125

Acros II

6 replies on “Ilford FP4 or Fuji Acros 100”

Both emulsions look great. Looking at the shadows, I wonder of ACROS II maybe would have coincided more with the FP4+ had you rated at ISO 80? The lettering across the T-shirt looks lighter in FP4+, and adding a bit more exposure to teh ACROS may have aligned that beeter. It is also possible there are some differences in spectral sensitivity. It would be nice to see a color shot of the subject for comparison purposes.

I’m a Fuji shooter, but shoot digital not film and particularly love the Acros simulation. It looks so good but at $12 a roll, yes, it is pricey. With the amount I shoot each week, I doubt I could afford using it, regardless of how good it looks which is a pity 🙁

Acros is orthopanchromatic film. FP4+ is panchromatic film. Red sensitivity is lower in orthopan than in panchro. RMS on the Acros is supposedly 7 and on the FP4+ 10. However, in these tiny enlargements, that red response is the major differance.

Great. I always wondered about that. I’ve seen the sensitivity curves but it just never seemed to ortho- never occurred to me. Now it makes sense. Thanks for reminding me.

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