January 19, 2018 / By Trevor Lee / In Camera Reviews,Photo Lab Blog

Become a Kodak Portra 800 shooter

Are any of you avid Portra 800 shooters? Portra 800 was a great choice for this overcast snowy day in rural Ohio. Just look at those beautiful tones and that lovely grain! We post a lot of Portra 400 & 160 but after seeing these results we definitely plan to shoot more Portra 800.

David Fiorito – I moved back to film six years ago and just shot my first roll of Portra 800. I know — I should have done it sooner. Taken using an Olympus Mju II on an overcast day in London …

One response to “Become a Kodak Portra 800 shooter”

  1. Mark Dierberger says:

    I recently shot some Portra 800; both at night under available, mixed artificial light, and during the day under natural light. I rated the film at ISO 400. The results were EXCELLENT!
    Given my understanding of the latitude of this film, one might be able to rate this film at between 100 to 1600, on the same roll, processed normally, and get useable images throughout! And then there’s the opportunity to push as well, perhaps two (or even three????) stops.
    Now THAT’S flexible film!

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