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The Darkroom’s Film Index – Just Released

Film Index

After months of work, we’re excited to announce our comprehensive film directory. We’ve put together what we hope You will find to be a useful guide of film stocks still widely available for purchase. We’ve highlighted key characteristics of each film type along with ratings and sample photos. We’ve included a scale for saturation, exposure latitude and grain for reference.

The Darkroom Film Index

Best of all, we’re looking for the film community to add their own ratings, comments, and samples showing your experience with various films.

We look forward to your feedback and submissions!

3 responses to “The Darkroom’s Film Index – Just Released”

  1. Mark Dierberger says:

    Thanks for this resource! I’ve used this chart when deciding what new films to try. Very helpful!

  2. Marc Boxerman says:

    You forgot Foma black and white films.


  3. Mark says:

    Two bits of feedback:
    (1) If you sort by ISO, it is not sorting numerically. That is, 50 comes after 400.
    (2) I really wish this also included reciprocity characteristics for pinhole photography.

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