Film Review – Arista EDU Ultra 400 ISO 120

Arista Edu Ultra 400 Film

Looking for an inexpensive,
but quality 120 B&W film?


The Arista Edu Ultra 400 is under $5 (as low as $4.25 with a Google search)
and has relatively fine grain with a mild contrast, wide exposure latitude, and very pleasant tones.

We shot the Arista film with a Pentax 67 and an old Mamiya 6. When metering we erred on overexposure since like most B&W film, including this film, has great exposure latitude and always looks better when it’s not underexposed.  The B&W film was developed in our lab and scanned using our Super Scan option.

Below are examples of the images with 200% closeups to show the detail & grain. Click to enlarge photos

We’d love to hear what you think of this film and if you have shot with this film before we would love to see some of your results in the comments below on our Facebook post!

Looking for a cheap but very good 120 B&W film? You can pick a 120 roll of Arista .Edu Ultra 400 for under $5! It has…

Posted by The Darkroom on Monday, March 11, 2019

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I ordered four rolls of Arista EDU, but it was 35mm. Got a deal on it at a popular online camera store. The Darkroom developed two of them, and a local camera shop developed the others.

My experience with this film is that every roll had visible imperfections in at least some of the frames (white dots, visible white scratches and not as often black dots). One exposure of my grand-daughter had no less than 20 imperfections that had to be corrected. One of the rolls developed a tear while rewinding, but only tore out a piece of the edge. That was enough to ruin two exposures on the roll. The grain

If you want to blow through a couple rolls just for giggles, go ahead. Don’t use it for anything important.

*The Darkroom,
It would be great if we could upload examples.

I have used this film to test vintage cameras before selling. The results have been acceptable, stand development with rodinal 1-100 1 hour. It is easy to see that student learning is great w/ this film.
Ilford Hp5 plus for anything serious

I think Arista EDU 400 is a good film. I’ve shot a lot of it over the years. Mostly 35mm. However, some 120 also. I process the film in Rodinal, lately 1+50, but have also done 1+100 stand. (I think I may have processed some in Caffenol, too, a few years back.) I quite like the results I get with the Arista film. However, the 120 film in particular seems to have a tendency to curl.

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