Walmart Photo Center Pros & Cons

As an online photo lab, we wanted to get an idea of the value and services, along with the good and bad aspects of developing film and printing photos at retail photos centers, and doesn’t factor in photo gifts or cards. This review is from our research and includes results from an informal social media poll. See all retail photo labs reviewed.

Walmart Film Developing

With over 4,672 in the United States*, Walmart Photo Centers received the most responses from our social media poll and has at least twice as many searches online then the next most popular photo lab, which is Costco Photo Centers.

In TopTenReviews, Walmart’s Photo Center ranked 6th overall, but their print quality received the lowest ratings among the featured Top 10 Photo Centers. Common feedback with our social media poll also reported poor quality and the long turnaround, but Walmart has the best price for developing film (as low as $7.95), but everyone could’ve already guessed that. Something to be mindful of when using Walmart for film developing, is that it doesn’t return film. Learn more about why Walmart doesn’t return film.

Walmart Photo Center Kiosk

Walmart has Kiosks for printing digital photos. For film developing, because Walmart sends film out and their photo center is generally unmanned, users have to fill out a film processing envelop and drop in a dropbox.

PROS – Because most towns has a local Walmart, they’re convenient to use for prints and film developing. Walmart has one of the lowest prices for developing film, about $7.49 for a 12 exposure roll, images on a CD and a single set of prints. Just $2 more for an extra set of prints. While nearly all locations don’t return negatives, Jacob M of Shreveport Louisiana reported that Walmart returns the negatives and there are likely others.

CONS –  For Film Developing, Walmart doesn’t return the negatives, and as Jake from Texas puts it “The negatives are the point!”.  A common complaint was quality, both in scanning and printing and very long turnaround times. See experts below for examples.

Photo of Walmart Photo Center in storeWhile nearly every town has a Walmart, their Photo Centers are typically unmanned. Be prepared to track down a person if you need help.Walmart Photo Center Prices and Delivery Schedule

Excerpts from users

Some were edited for readability, some grammar and brevity. 


John Lawrence – I sent to Walmart in Pasadena Texas a few times. Only thing I didn’t like is they don’t return your negatives and they now print on matte paper instead of Glossy. For the price they charge now, it’s cheaper to use mail order.

@Jakegonz – The Walmart in my area sends it out somewhere, it takes a week to get back, the quality isn’t great but they are cheap, so the only time I use them is when I have purchased an old camera and am seeing if it works.

@snugglepaw – I looked around a year ago for somewhere to process my point and shoot, the cheapest was Walmart after asking everyone if they still processed film in store and none did. So I sent my film out and walmart gave me a disc with horrible quality jpegs. The printouts had a sandpaper like quality paper. No negatives returned.

Film and Film Developing

Jacob M – Shreveport, Louisiana’s local Walmart returned negatives but it takes at least 2-3 weeks to get pictures back and lacked customer service.

@srvienna   Went to drop off at Walmart in Monterey, CA two years ago. They told me I wouldn’t get my negatives back. I use a local lab for all regular c-41 and B&W

JR Butler –  In Southern Ohio, around Hillsboro and Chillicothe, our Walmart does develop, but they send it away and keep your negatives. An hour away in Cincinnati, I use Dodd Camera who develops film. They have their own machines in Cleveland, so they have film trucks carry film from Cincy, Dayton, Columbus and Chicago to be developed in Cleveland. They do a fair job, and are $7.49 a roll for develop and CD. However, scratched slides are far too common an occurrence, and torn emulsion in negatives happens occasionally, too.

@christianartjocson –  The Walmarts and targets stopped doing this in 2015 in my area (Stockton, CA)

@digital_defector – All Walmarts in Canada stopped developing film in 2015.


John Robert M – I processed at a local Walmart who still had one hour in my area. It was expired film and I thought the color shift was normal until I took a close look at my negatives a few years ago and found that there was no green shift on the Negatives so they not only poorly cut the negatives (some had a very small part of the image cut off), but they poorly scanned them.

Ricardo Coto from Antelope California – My experience with Walmart’s Photo Center is that the pictures didn’t have the feel they should  and they’re choppy. They also don’t even give you back the negatives. Even the scans were awful.

Customer Service

Rafael S from Orlando FL –  All stores that I’ve been to have an unstaffed “photo lab” where you fill out an envelope, drop it in a box and come back when your photos are ready.Walmart Film Developing

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More about Walmart’s Photo Lab

It’s fun to turn your photos into artworks and everyday items that assist you to enjoy your preferred images even more. At Walmart Photo Center, you can produce prints, wall art, image books, customized cards, and a lot more on your own or your organization and as presents.

Your Walmart Picture account

With a Walmart Picture account, you can publish your pictures from your computer system, phone, another gadget, or social networks albums. Your account saves the pictures you have actually submitted, which you can view, share, and utilize at any time. It’s totally free to submit your photos, and you can save as numerous images in your account as you like.

Check in to Walmart Picture with your Walmart account. Or, develop a brand-new account if you do not currently have one by providing your name and e-mail address, picking a password, and accepting the terms of use. Organize the photos you submit into albums for simple access. For example, you can call one group of pictures “Graduation” and another “Christmas Memories” to keep things organized.

One-hour, same-day, or a few days

When you put your order, you’ll get an estimated arrival date, which normally falls in between three and 5 days from the time you submit your order. You likewise have the opportunity to receive some Picture Center products within an hour or on the exact same day as your purchasing time. Examples consist of one-hour picture prints and passport pictures; same-day presents such as canvas prints, posters, image books, and calendars; and same-day cards for graduation, birthdays, invitations, and other events. The same-day option enables you to create significant, customized gifts even when you’re under a tight schedule.

Picture prints & posters

Having your pictures in digital format keeps them helpful no matter where you are, but printing them out lets you maintain unique memories and your favorite moments in picture albums. You can also expand them to show in frames around your house or as posters.

Choose little, wallet-size prints to keep photos of your loved ones nearby in your wallet or phone case. Medium sizes such as 4×6 inches and 5×5 inches are great for placing in albums, and larger sizes such as 8×10 or 8×8 appropriate for framing. Poster sizes are as large as 20×30 inches and are great for decorating your kids’ rooms, the living room, and your office.

Collage prints record 3 various images onto one print, which is an affordable and creative method to show your preferred shots. You can also turn a collage of many pictures into a large poster or select a single print in poster size to use to decorate any room. Collage posters are ideal for capturing special minutes around a style, such as a new baby, household vacation, wedding, or anniversary.

Custom-made cards

Image cards include a personal touch to invitations, thank you cards, wedding event programs, Mother’s Day cards, graduation announcements, and numerous other kinds of stationery. In your Image Center account, you can select from a variety of styles and include your pictures to them or develop your own card designs from scratch. Pick a folded card made from durable card stock if you wish to handwrite a message inside your card, or choose a postcard-type print if you ‘d rather simply slip it in the envelope easily. Envelopes are included with your cards, and you can select to have your return address pre-printed on them for simple mailing.

Printing for Business

Promote your brand name with custom printed products from our Picture Center. Submit your company logo design, photos, graphics, or text to produce marketing products, presents, announcements, and other beneficial items. Here are some ideas for your company:

  • Note pads as totally free gifts for possible customers to keep your brand in plain sight
  • Banners to show in the office for staff member recognition
  • Planning and desk calendars to disperse to staff members, customers, and business partners
  • Present or product merchandise such as mugs, mousepads, and T-shirts for promotions or sales
  • Greeting cards to send out to clients and company associates for vacations
  • Return address labels for creating a more professional look for your mailings
  • Postcards to reveal grand openings, unique occasions, and sales

Presents & art

Individualized gifts are always well received since they stimulate sensations of gratitude or bring fond memories to mind. Here are a few ways you can tailor gifts for good friends, family members, colleagues, and other individuals you appreciate. For these products, it’s best to utilize high-resolution images for the clearest printed image possible.

  • Picture books preserve memories from unique celebrations and daily life. They’re bound in leather, linen, and other resilient and appealing materials that make them additional gift-worthy.
  • Photo placemats, totes, magnets, phone cases, jewelry, and keychains show your favorite moments on products that you (or your gift recipient) will use throughout the day.
  • Photo blankets and pillows keep enjoyed ones warm and relaxing in materials such as fleece, sherpa, and luxurious velour.
  • Image mugs, tumblers, and water bottles keep favorite images in hand all day.
  • Wall art, such as canvas prints, wall tapestries, and framed corkboards, includes individualized touches to an office or home.