Costco Photo Center Pros & Cons

As an online photo lab, we wanted to get an idea of the value and services, along with the good and bad aspects of developing film and printing photos at retail photos centers and doesn’t factor in photo gifts or cards. This review is from our research and includes results from an informal social media poll. See all retail photo labs reviewed.

Costco Photo Center

Film Developing CTA

Old & expired film

Developing old film

With over 45 years of developing film, The Darkroom will professionally develop your old film and color, contrast and density adjust every frame

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costco-film-developingWith around 727 warehouses in the United States*, Costco Photo Centers aren’t as convenient as many other retailers and require membership. In our social media poll, Costco received the least amount of responses, but online Google searches for  Costco Photo Centers and Costco film developing remain strong and second to Walmart photo centers.

Pros – Costco Photo Center [] has online ordering for digital prints and easy to use an in store Kiosk for prints (they no longer develop film). Print quality is reported to be pretty good.

Cons – Costco no longer develops film. Requires membership.

Film Developing

It’s reported that a few Costco locations may still process film, but when the machines go bad, they trash them and stop developing film. We’ve heard this from our local San Clemente, California Costco, and also reported from employee in Culver City California. Costco online doesn’t have an option for mail order developing either. This also means that Costco doesn’t develop disposable cameras either.

Costco employee helping customers in the Costco Photo Center

Costco Photo Center stops developing film

When film started to get popular in 2015, Kelvin Wang, a film enthusiast and high school student, started an online petition for Costco to start developing film again. There wasn’t a lot of support and only received over 700 signatures. See the online petition.


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