Retail Photo labs

The Darkroom, as primarily a photo lab via mail, we wanted to understand if the major retailers developed film and if they made prints in their retail locations. Aside from doing our own research and also conducted an informal survey on social media asking users to share their retail photo lab experiences, good and bad, in their region. Below are the major retailers and our findings.

Walmart Film Developing
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WalMart film processing chart
Costco Film Developing

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Costco film processing chart

Sam's Club Film Developing

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Costco film processing chart

Target Film Developing

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Costco film processing chart

CVS Film Developing

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WalMart film processing chart
Walgreens Film Developing

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WalMart film processing chart

Note: Retail and drug stores are no longer developing film and the ones that do are no longer returning the negatives, only providing low-quality scans on a CD. Read More

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