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As an online photo lab, we wanted to get an idea of the value and services, along with the good and bad aspects of developing film and printing photos at retail photos centers, and doesn’t factor in photo gifts or cards. This review is from our research and includes results from an informal social media poll. See all retail photo labs reviewed.

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In our poll and out of hundreds of responses, Target Photo Center was only mentioned by one person to say that they no longer develop film. While they no longer develop film, Google reports that they get about 6,000 monthly searches with users search for Target photo printing. This is primarily for their photo gifts, online or instore. Target removed the Kodak processing machines from many of the the stores and now offers a print-only photo center for those with digital files. This is true with our local Target, but may not be true with all stores.

Pros -Target Photo Center has online ordering for digital prints and easy to use in store Kiosk for prints (they no longer develop film). Print quality is reported to be pretty good.

Cons – They no longer develop film, instore or online.

Film Developing

In nearly all the stores, Target stopped developing film in late 2013. Additionally, they don’t have in-store photo mailers and film development cannot be ordered or purchased online.


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