Pushing slide film?

Did you know you can push slide film?

Slide film example

Not only can you push it but it works really well, especially in 120. We shot 120 Ektachrome 100 as 200iso and pushed +1 stop in development. It was a very dark and overcast morning so the extra stop of light allowed for handheld shooting with a Hasselblad 500cm – 80mm f/2.8. The push also added some contrast but other than that, the film performed very similarly when shot at box speed. See the results below:

E-6 Film Processing

These days it can be difficult to find labs that process slide film, let alone labs that process it in-house. Here at The Darkroom, it’s one of our specialties! We have been dip & dunk processing E-6 slide film in-house since 1976.

Develop your E-6 Slide Film

Pushing and Pulling Film

Pushing Film – Overcast and Interior Lowlight examples

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