Using theater gel for color filters

True to the spirit of toy cameras, we found and loved this simple, yet effective alternative to filters. Posted on the Foto Go-Go blog, Steven W explores taping theater film to the lens of a Holga. Obviously this technique isn’t limited to Holga camera, but can be used and experimented with on any toy camera. Flash too!

Imperfections and scratches… not a problem, just ads to the character of the photo.

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2 replies on “Using theater gel for color filters”

i wouldnt recomend the tape personally…but…ya it will work on a rebel. i have a canon dslr rebel t2i 550d and iv done it and it works….but i just held it on or used a longer piece of color and rubber banded it around my lens…just be carefull not to scratch the lens….tape would be stickey though…so im sure thats why they recomend a toy camera.

iv done with before and not used theater gel but cut down a cheep package of dollar store binder dividers (the clear plastic kind)…works just as well…and easy to use…but anything see through and color tinted would work….i dont recomend tape though…iv always used rubber bands and cut the strips of plastic longer on the sides then needed and used that extra piece on each side with a rubber band to hold it onto my cameras lens or flash.

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