Ilford Delta 3200 – 35mm vs 120 Comparison


Ilford makes Delta 3200 B&W film in both 35mm and 120 formats. This post compares the two formats shot with the same settings and similar focal lengths.

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We love the look of both but there’s a noticeable difference when it comes to the grain. 35mm film grain will almost always be more noticeable than the grain of 120 films. Also, the medium format will usually have better tonal transition and better detail due to its large negative size. Results can vary depending on the quality of the lens you shoot with and how well you meter.




An example of how good properly exposed Delta 3200 can look but also how bad it can look if you underexpose it.

Delta 3200 – 120 vs. 35mm! We’ve already done a Delta 3200 vs. TMAX p3200 35mm comparison but unfortunately TMAX p3200…

Posted by The Darkroom on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

8 replies on “Ilford Delta 3200 – 35mm vs 120 Comparison”

What ISO did you rate the film at? What ISO qualifies as normal development at The Darkroom for this film? Thanks. Informative article (especially with the last bit of information added).

Why 200% crops? The whole point of using medium format film is that less enlargement is required to produce the same size print.

Appreciate the comparison, but the lenses should have been matched for equivalent aperture as well as equivalent field of view, i.e. a 50/55mm f1.2. Apples and oranges otherwise.

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