Tips on sending your film

    1. Print very clearly
      When completing the order form, please take the time to make sure easily read, especially your address and phone number.
    2. Take a photo of your tracking number
    3. Label/make notes on your film
      In addition to setting your options when ordering or completing the order form, using a Sharpie (permanent marker), write any development instructions on the cartridge itself.
    4. Use a heavy-duty zip-lock bag if you have lots of rolls.
      All orders must arrive in a single shipment.  Orders that arrive in multiple shipments will be considered separate orders.
    5. Only send in film.
      With the exception of sheet film holders, any packaging, cameras, or containers, etc. will be automatically recycled or discarded.
    6. How long will it take?
      Most orders are shipped within 3-12 business days after it enters production. We are located in Southern California, so mail takes 2-5 days to reach us from almost anywhere in the country. More details on film developing turn-around time. 
    7. Critical Film Shipments!
      For irreplaceable film, some customers prefer to use FedEx or UPS to ship to us.  See additional information here.
    8. Do not use Priority Mail Envelopes!
      If using one of our postage-paid labels, do not use USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail Envelopes.  These will be upgraded to Priority Mail by the post office, delayed and we/you will be billed accordingly.

15 creative ways to mail your film!

For Fun

15 Creative ways to mail your film

mailing film techniques
Aside from seeing some truly amazing images, we see some very creative techniques ways our customers ship their film.