Contest – How Much Gravy

Contest is complete. Thanks to all that participated!

The winner of the Gravy contest is Stephanie Heinrich with her guess of 1000 liters.
The correct answer was 1076 liters

Being impressed, we gave honorable mention to Connor Bartek with 5,502.36 liters @ 25° Celsius for including thermal expansion!

This is one similar to our processors (we couldn’t take a photo of ours because it’s in the darkroom and we didn’t want to ruin everyone’s film).

In an effort to keep things interesting and give stuff away, we want you to guess how much gravy can fit in our dip and dunk processing tanks.

How much gravy will fill all three of our dip and dunk processors?

Our processors are:

  1. Our black and white processor is a Refrema
  2. Our C-41 (color negative) is a Sitte Tischer TruTrak
  3. Our E-6 (color slides) is also a Sitte Tischer Trutrak

We don’t want to make it too easy, but here are a couple of tidbits. The Refrema was made in Denmark and the two Sitte Tischer’s were made in Germany.

To EnterPost your guess in Liters on our Facebook post about this contest. 

The Winner (person who comes closest to guessing the actual amount), will win a 16×20 canvas with their favorite photo. 

Contest ends November 30.

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