Not sure what to gift?


As a service to our valued customers, we have assembled a list of the most popular gift items for the year. Aren’t we thoughtful? 😉



Blocks & Ornaments

We have been promoting these hard because they look beautiful and are truly unique.
These are our best selling items and you can’t go wrong with them.
Get Your Ornaments
Get Your Bamboo Blocks
Starting at $14.95


Photo Mugs

No surprise that these are a top seller. Who couldn’t use a mug, especially with a photo you, your kids or your friends?
Get Your Photo Mug
Starting at $14.95



Metal HD Art

These are great sellers because they’re unique and even bad photos look crispy and vibrant on our metal backing. Perfect on the wall, bookshelf or desk. Small ones are inexpensive and are great for the shelf or stuck on the fridge.
Get Your Aluminum HD art
Metal Tile 3-Pack (smaller size)
Starting at $19.95

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Your thoughtful curation of the top 3 Christmas gifts is commendable. Bamboo, blocks, and ornaments indeed make for charming and distinctive presents. Their appeal lies in their aesthetic beauty and uniqueness, making them ideal choices for spreading holiday cheer. Customers can trust that by selecting any of these items, they’ll be gifting something truly special. Click here to explore these popular gift options and make someone’s holiday season even brighter!

What a fantastic selection of top Christmas gifts! It’s evident that you’ve put considerable thought into curating this list for your valued customers. Bamboo, blocks, and ornaments not only exude charm but also offer versatility in gifting options. With their enduring appeal and uniqueness, recipients are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind these choices.

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