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An interesting little hack that John Bozinov posted on GoHolga’s forum, is to place mirrors inside the camera. These mirrors refracted the image, creating curious overlaps and delicate light leak effects. Using a $2 used camera from a thrift store, John experimented with placing four little mirrors inside the lens chamber. See the camera and results below.

mission bay by chipswow, on Flickr
uploadfinal1 by chipswow, on Flickr
uploadfinal2 by chipswow, on Flickr


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John Bozinov’s innovative mirror mod introduces a captivating twist to photography, harnessing mirrors within the camera to evoke mesmerizing overlaps and ethereal light leaks. Utilizing a thrift store find, he ingeniously transforms ordinary shots into artful compositions. This ingenious hack not only showcases Bozinov’s creativity but also offers enthusiasts a budget-friendly avenue to explore unique photographic effects, inviting them to experiment with mirrors readily available to use at no cost.

John Bozinov’s ingenious approach to camera modification unlocks a realm of artistic exploration. Utilizing mirrors within the lens chamber introduces a fascinating interplay of reflections and refractions, resulting in mesmerizing visual compositions. By repurposing inexpensive thrift store cameras, Bozinov demonstrates the democratization of creativity, proving that innovation knows no bounds regardless of equipment cost. His unconventional technique not only revitalizes vintage cameras but also inspires photographers to embrace experimentation and embrace the unpredictable beauty of analog photography.

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