Cheap Film Comparison – Kodak Gold 200 & FujiFilm C200

When it comes to affordable daylight film, both Kodak Gold 200 & FujiFilm Fujicolor C200 are great options!   Both are very affordable and can be found at a local drug store.  Both have a relatively fine grain and decent exposure latitude.  Kodak Gold 200, when exposed well, produces subtle, true-to-life tones. Gold 200 has a bit more warmth than Fujicolor C200 which has cooler magenta tones.  Fujicolor C200 has a bit more contrast and saturation.

It comes down to tones and temperature.

Which cheap 35mm film should you choose?

If you like warmth and rich reds and yellows
we recommend Kodak Gold 200
If you like cooler tones that lean towards magenta and green
we highly recommend Fujicolor c200

Gold 200 vs. Fujicolor C200

The Kodak Gold 200 was shot in a Nikon FM3a – Ultron 40mm f/2 by Trev Lee and the Fujicolor C200 was shot in a Nikon F3 – 35mm f/2.8 by Jonathan Paragas.

Gold 200
FujiColor C200

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Gold 200

FujiColor 200

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