HARMAN Photo Meetup Dec. 1-2, 2023

We are excited to announce a special opportunity to connect with the film community in our hometown of San Clemente, CA as we welcome HARMAN Photo, who will be joining us all the way from the UK to make a special announcement.

This event will feature two public meetups: a Beers & Cameras gathering and a San Clemente photowalk, followed by a pub crawl. Both events have a limited amount of tickets so be sure to register below!

December 1st, Friday, 6-9pm

This event is now sold out but there are still spot left for our photowalk! Beers & Cameras meetup at Lost Winds Brewery. This event will feature a special announcement from HARMAN Photo as well as a giveaway!

Tickets & more info here!

December 2nd, Saturday, 11am-2pm

San Clemente Pier Photowalk + Pub crawl. We’ll meet at the pier and once everyone is gathered, we can all hangout and take photos in the pier/beach area – then, around noon we’ll begin the photowalk to downtown San Clemente for a pub crawl.

Tickets & more info here!

HARMAN Photo, who produces the much loved Ilford B&W film, paper, and chemistry will be announcing a new product December 1st and this event will be the official launch party. Not only will it feature two meetups but you will get to meet and hear from the HARMAN Photo team, as well as win some great prizes during the Friday night B&C giveaway!

Follow @thedarkroomlab & @HarmanPhoto for updates!

Featured guests:

Taylor Pendleton – IG @trmpendleton – YT  graincheck

Taylor is a film and digital photographer based in the USA. She runs a photography YouTube channel and works on various productions with Sunny Sixteen as a director and photographer. Her career has been varied and full of opportunities to shoot different things, in different ways, all around the world. Right now, she’s most interested in black-and-white film and colorful studio portraiture.

Caleb Knueven – IG @calebkneven – YT  Bad Flashes

Caleb was born on the fringe of society, destined to explore the abandoned world around, longing for the stories that seep from the peeling painted walls! Photography is exploration, is freedom, is life! He loves long walks on the beach with his M6, a finely crafted cup of coffee, atomic fireball candies and BBQ just to name a few. 

Jonathan Paragas – IG @kingjvpes – YT KingJvpes

Jonathan is a street photographer/ Film photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jonathan sets out to capture the serendipitous moments of every day life that gets washed away with time. With an emphasis on shooting film he also runs the YouTube channel, KingJvpes a resource for film photography tips, gear review videos and POV on location videos. Give Jonathan a latte and he will be your friend. Show him your Minolta and be prepared to get initiated into the largest gang of smelly 20 year olds on the planet. #Minoltagang

Chris Bartolucci – IG @chrisbphoto – Analog Talk Podcast

Chris is a portrait and unit-still photographer, podcaster and YouTuber from Los Angeles. She graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2004 and has been working as professional photographer and avid film shooter ever since. She co-hosts the popular film photography podcast Analog Talk and runs a YouTube channel dedicated to film photography. She’s currently working as the stills/set photographer on the ABC Soap Opera “General Hospital”

Jason Kummerfeldt – IG  @50_shades_of_jason YT  GrainyDays

“Jason is probably the most humble person you will ever meet – an aspiring photographer who runs a powerful global empire of online videos, but believe it or not his life wasn’t always this way. Before becoming a youtube god, jason led an entirely different life altogether:

Young and fresh out of boot camp, Jason joined the navy seals, got totally ripped, and learned how to do like 300 pushups in one hour. Unfortunately Jason was kicked out of the seals for going rogue on assignment. With nothing else to do, he entered law enforcement academy as a young recruit, eager to earn his stripes. Jason rose up through the ranks very quickly as he demonstrated a passion for justice, even if occasionally he got too emotionally involved in the cases, and still continued to go rogue.

Jason now hides under disguise as a low life youtuber who makes dumb little film photography videos as a cover while he continues his search for justice and the truth behind who framed him and why.”

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Exciting news for film photographers! HARMAN Photo, the beloved brand behind Ilford B&W film, paper, and chemistry, is coming to San Clemente, CA on December 1st and 2nd for a special announcement and meetups with the local film community.

Exciting news for film photographers! HARMAN Photo, the beloved brand behind Ilford B&W film, paper, and chemistry, is coming to San Clemente, CA on December 1st and 2nd for a special announcement cookie clicker and meetups with the local film community.

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Thrilling updates for enthusiasts of film photography! HARMAN Photo, the cherished brand recognized for Ilford B&W film, paper, and chemistry, will be present in San Clemente, CA on December 1st and 2nd for an exclusive announcement and gatherings with the local film community. google

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