What kind of film do you accept?

Almost anything, including C-41, E-6 Slide Film and Black & White processes. We can also do all types of black & white infrared and E-6 slide infrared films.  Be sure to write on the package that it contains IR film.

Black and white films are processed using the manufacturer’s suggested times ( then adjusted based on film type trends) as a normal process. 35mm Slide Film is mounted in GEPE plastic mounts.

If you send in C-22 film, it will be processed as black & white. The chemicals necessary for this color process were discontinued many years ago.

We CANNOT develop any Kodachrome, Disc Film, Triple Print, AGFA Scala or 5247 Seattle Film Works film.

If you are unsure what you have, just take a photo of the roll with your phone and attach it to our contact form. We will let you know if we can develop it.

If you send it to us, and we can’t do it, we’ll let you know.