How long are my online albums available?

The Darkroom Film Ordering System (FOS) will store each photo album online 60 days for free and as part of your order. The 60 days is valid from the date the photos were uploaded. Storage beyond 60 days requires a subscription.

A subscription will cover all your active photo albums, but not the ones that have already expired*.

Photo storage is $1.50 a month and payable $18.00 annually.


*What if my album expired? You have up to 2 months to subscribe and recover albums. Album is not viewable beyond being expired for more than 2 months. If you need to recover an expired album beyond 60 days, please contact us


Photos Prior to November 2015?
The Darkroom used Lifepics, a third-party service for images and albums. On October 25, 2016 The Darkroom discontinued support, online print ordering, and image hosting for the Lifepics platform.  Any photos on that system are no longer available and users did receive emails from The Darkroom and Lifepics warning of image deletion.