“Document Your Life” Film Photography Contest! 

Let your creativity run wild as you do your part with social distancing.

Since we’ll be spending a lot more time at home, we’ve decided to do a photo contest that encourages you to document everyday life at home or wherever you find yourself most.

Basically, give us a glimpse of your everyday life! Our hope is that this contest encourages everyone to get creative with where they are at. Great photos don’t only come from aesthetic locations or epic adventures—there are amazing things to be captured even in the most “mundane” moments. Let’s keep creativity alive while we practice #SocialDistancing!

To Enter

  • Post up to 3 film photos on Instagram with #TDR_DYL
  • Tell the story in the caption, mention the film & camera used, and tell us where it was taken.
  • March 18th through May 31, 2020 – This contest is open to U.S. only  and photos must be submitted during the contest duration.  Submitting ends May 31st at noon and we’ll select 10 finalists which will be posted here for the film community vote.

Contest Prizes

The top three winners will receive a film camera as well as some Matt Day “Document Your Life” gear!  The 1st place winner will pick the camera they want first, then the 2nd place winner will pick from the last two and the 3rd place winner will receive the remaining of the three.

Canon A-1 + 50mm f/1.8

This 35mm SLR is one of our all-time favorite cameras.  It can shoot in manual, shutter priority, and aperture priority which makes it ideal for beginners to highly experienced photographers.


This fully mechanical 6×9 medium format rangefinder creates some of the sharpest images we’ve ever seen.  Since it’s fully mechanical, meaning it has no build light meter, this camera has a higher learning curve is more ideal for experienced photographers.

Konica Hexar AF

With its’ fixed super-fast f/2 autofocus 35mm lens, this compact rangefinder is relatively rare and very unique.  It’s ideal for street photography, especially in low light.

Posting Example:

Caption – Briefly tell the story behind the film photo.

Hashtag – #TDR_DYL

Film –

Camera – 

Lens –

Location of photo –


Judging Criteria

We will pick up to 10 images from photo submissions and those finalists will be posted on Instagram. The top finalist will be posted on this page to be voted on by the film community. The contest is for film images only. Judging criteria will be based on subject matter, descriptive caption/photo details, composition and overall quality in adherence to the theme, and this contest only allows U.S. submissions only. Photos submission can be used on The Darkroom website or contest promotions, and credit will be given to photographers where appropriate.


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Hello, I am interested in developing my film and just getting the rolls back. Is that something you guys can do? I couldn’t find a way to place this type of order on your website. Can you share the link to do so?

Tell the story in the caption, mention the film & camera used, and tell us where it was taken.

I am one of your IG fans. not in the US… however half my social connections are all there, and we will be visiting after lockdown lifts one day…. I am actually in Scotland. Can I please submit an entry. I fired up my grandads old asahi sp500 with its SuperTak 35/3.5 and shot to kill without a light meter(battery long dead, uses an odd battery) Some fun results 🙂 Regards. ig: graham.oban

Capturing life’s moments through film photography is an art. I’ve found that using tools like capcutapk.io enhances the storytelling aspect of my entries. Excited to participate and share my visual journey in this contest!

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Hosting a “Document Your Life” film photography contest can be an engaging way to encourage creativity and community participation. Here’s a guide on how to organize such an event:

Define Contest Guidelines: Clearly outline the theme of the contest, which in this case is “Document Your Life.” Provide specific guidelines regarding the use of film photography, such as acceptable film formats, camera types, and any restrictions or requirements.
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Set Contest Rules: Establish rules regarding entry submission, eligibility criteria, and deadlines. Specify any age restrictions, geographical limitations, or other relevant details participants need to know before entering the contest.

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