Film Photography Podcast Interviews The Darkroom’s Phil Steblay

Our own Phil Steblay was interviewed by Film Photography Podcast. Below is Phil’s Segment.

film-photography-project Interview with Phil Steblay. Phil / The Darkroom are behind the massive find of cold stored Fuji 200 speed 110 film that’s still on sale at the FPP store. The Darkroom is a traditional film lab out of California that uses the dip-and-dunk method for very clean processing, and they cover B&W, C-41, and E-6 is every format from 110 all the way up to 8×10! They even do older obsolete formats such as 116. The people at The Darkroom are passionate and master craftsmen when it comes to lab work, pulling images out of film fifty or sixty years old!

Listen to full episode at Film Photography Project

Phil Steblay with The Darkroom


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Great to see how passionate Phil is about his life’s work. I love the whole concept of The Darkroom. Congrats to Phil for making a difference in his industry.

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