film photography projectThe Film Photography Project.

Since 2009, our mission has been to inspire, engage, and inform beginning and professional film photographers around the globe through their internet radio show, the Film Photography Podcast. They share dependable product reviews, tutorials, and tips that deconstruct the complex without dumbing down the content, providing tools that expand skills while supporting your creative output, experiences, and passion for film photography.

Inspired by the overwhelming response to the podcast, they launched the FPP YouTube Channel, newsletter, and Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter accounts.

Two of the most exciting programs to come out of the FPP journey are Walking Workshops and School Camera Donation Program. The former is an opportunity to exchange ideas, participate in instructional programs, and shoot film face-to-face with other members of the FPP community. The latter is a program that delivers functional, refurbished cameras and film directly into the hands of students and aspiring photographers. You can find more about both programs below and in the content section of their website.

The FPP culture is one of thrift and refurbishment, with a strong do-it-yourself attitude. This philosophy extends to our on-line store, where you can find reliable brands at affordable prices as well as specialty items like hand-rolled “small batch” films, film development starter kits, photochemistry, refurbished & tested vintage cameras and assorted FPP branded gear.

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