Lomo 400 Simple Use Disposable Camera

Lomography 400 simple use Single Use Camera
Rating: ★★★★☆
36 exposure Lomography’s 400 iso color negative film with flash
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This camera, along with the rest of the Simple Use cameras has some major differences than common disposable cameras- they can be reloaded with film and used multiple times which is super cool, they also have 36 exposure compared the rest which is only 27 exposures, and they have flash gels which can give you a wide range of unique flash effects. The Lomo 400 cold comes with Lomography’s 400 color negative film has decent exposure latitude, relatively fine grain, and very pleasant tones. The plastic optics produce a slightly softer image but a much more unique look than the traditional Kodak & Fuji cameras. It also cost more than most disposable cameras but if you plan on reloading it will be much more cost effective than buying a bunch of single-use cameras.

Lomo 400 Simple Use Disposable Camera

Photos with the Lomo 400 Simple Use Disposable Camera

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