Ilford B&W HP5 Single-Use Disposable Camera

Ilford B&W HP5 Single-Use Camera
Rating: ★★★★★
27 exposure C-41 XP2 black & White 400 iso film with flash
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This camera is truly unique due to the fact that it has the classic true b&w HP5 Plus 400 iso film in it. While the HP5 has more noticeable grain than XP2 the tones, contrast, grain, and exposure latitude are far superior – just look at the details in the shadows! This b&w disposable camera is a great overall shoot that performs well in open daylight, low light without flash, and in low light with flash. Of all 3 B&W disposables, this the one recommend most. Even though you could reload HP5 film in a Lomo Simple Use, the Ilford plastic optics are still sharper.

Ilford B&W HP5 Single-Use Disposable Camera

Photos taken with the Ilford HP5 Plus 400 single use camera

27 exposure B&W HP5 400 iso film with flash

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Ilford XP2 Single Use Camera Information and Instructions

The easy to use ILFORD single-use camera offers novice photographers the opportunity to try real black and white photography for themselves.

The camera is attractively packaged with strong monochrome images and striking graphics and is ready for counter display. It is loaded with (24+3) 27 exposures of the excellent ILFORD HP5 Plus ISO 400/27º film.

The camera has a built-in flash effective up to 3m/10ft, an f 9·5 30mm lens, and a shutter speed of 1/100 sec. It is focus free and gives sharp pictures from 1 metre/3ft to infinity. The camera is supplied with the film wound out of the cassette and the film is wound back as each picture is taken. A-frame counter shows the number of pictures remaining. Safety interlocks prevent double exposures or blank frames.

Ilford Single use Black and White Camera Instructions

Processing Film

The Darkroom specializes in processing the film from the ILFORD HP5 Plus Single Use Camera. Start your order.