Ilford Sprite 35 II Film Camera

Ilford Sprite 35 II Film Camera

The Ilford Sprite 35-II – An affordable way to jump into analog photography.

There are plenty of good reasons why some love the authentic look and feel of film-generated photographs; there’s also the discipline of having only 24 or 36 exposures to work with, and the anticipation of having a roll developed. Then there’s the desire to slow down from the relentless pace of digital technology and instant gratification

Ilford’s new Sprite 35-II camera is going to be the most fun camera in your collection. If you haven’t seen these yet, they’re essentially everything you know and love about disposable cameras, but in a reusable, 35mm format. 

The Sprite II is a beautiful, retro redesign of the Harman Reusable Camera. Other than the exterior, this camera is exactly the same. It features a fixed-focus 31mm lens, with a 1/120th shutter speed and an f/9 aperture when the flash is off. It weighs just 112 grams and fits easily in a jacket pocket with enough space left over for a couple of rolls of film.

This is an extremely lovable camera that’s built for taking photos of friends, families, and events. Whether it is the simplicity or the look of this camera, something about it makes it capture more smiles than any other camera in my collection. After shooting a couple of rolls through this camera, and its not-so-identical twin, the Harman Reusable Camera, I’ve come to learn a lot about how to get the most out of it. 

I’ve also grown to love the simplicity of this camera. Film is an extremely forgiving photographic medium, especially when it comes to over-exposure. While this camera does struggle in low light when the flash is turned off, it’ll never miss a show during the day or evening.

At night, it’s the perfect camera for capturing photos of friends. Simply turn on the flash, and take some cheeky photos when people aren’t expecting it. The photos always turn out exactly how you’d want them to: full of life and vivacity.