Kodak Portra 160 - Film Review

5.0 rating
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5.0 rating
C-41 Negative
35mm, 120

Portra 160 is the finest grain of the three Portra’s,  Its low iso makes it great for daylight shooting and it’s warmth makes it ideal for portraiture.  This film has very good exposure latitude which means it does well with overexposure.  It has medium contrast and low saturation making a great alternative to the more saturated Ektar 100. 

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5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
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Soft skin tones and fine grain

5.0 rating
February 5, 2020

This is my goto film when shooting in the studio or when there is enough natural light. I love the skin tones and more subtle contrast than Portra 400. The fine grain gives superb results even on 35mm. I find the best results are when it’s only slightly over exposed, so rate it at 100 or 125.

Sean Shannon

Sharp and colorful!

5.0 rating
February 1, 2020

The film is sharp and highly colorful, not as saturated as Ektar 100, nor contrasty as Lomography CN 800 (the other color negative films that I’ve shot with in 120). The characteristics of Portra is obvious with this, despite being a low ISO film. I only shot with it once, and I have to say, if my wallet agrees with me, I’d buy this and shoot with it again in a heartbeat!

Joshua Andrei Rivera

My go to low ISO film.

5.0 rating
January 31, 2020

Love everything about this film. I use it with the Mamiya 645 and 80mm 1.9. Shoot wide open at 100 ISO and develop normally. It’s a dream. Not as saturated as Ektar and produces lifelike colors.

Bryan Birks

Best trip film

5.0 rating
September 27, 2019

What I really like about Portra 160, it has no evident tint (like vivid red tones or bright green-blue), the colours are so accurate. So that’s the reason why It’s outstanding for portraits. It also has impressive dynamic range and tiny grain. So, it’s also nice for nature and architecture. Having ISO 160, it can also be carefully used durring the ovecast and even evening / early morning time. But, I don’t take this film, when it’s snowing. The tints become too warm.


I prefer Portra 160 over Ektar 100.

5.0 rating
August 15, 2019

I like shooting Portra 160 on bright sunny days because it have very low contrast, true to life color, and beautiful warm tones.