Important changes to photo storage prior to November 2015

Prior to November 2015, The Darkroom used Lifepics, a third party service for images and albums. On October 25, 2016 The Darkroom will be discontinuing support, online print ordering and image hosting for the Lifepics platform.  Users still utilizing the older Lifepics service will need to download their files to avoid image deletion especially if you have misplaced your CD’s.  Currently, users may have received emails from The Darkroom via Lifepics warning of image deletion if you have not logged in within the past 6 months.


Access LifePics account to download your photos here:


If you have trouble accessing your Lifepics album, please contact [email protected] as they have account access tools that are not available to us at The Darkroom.

In addition to delivering images online, please remember that we have always included a CD with your Standard or Enhanced scans.  We realize online backup is important for your photos also. is our favorite online storage site and you can store up to 2GB of data for free (that is a lot of photos!).  We would recommend uploading your images to Dropbox for extra safe keeping.

Remember, these changes only affect images stored on our older Lifepics platform, uploaded prior to November 3, 2015.  In the coming months, we will provide an update regarding how long images will remain available on our new system.

To identify which system your images are on, you can tell by the web address.  If the web address includes, then that is the older Lifepics platform that is being phased out.