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LomoChrome Metropolis
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TypeC-41 Negative
Format35mm, 120
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GrainFine - Coarse
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Lomography has made 3 different LomoChrome stocks over the years –  turquoise and purple, both of which are very recognizable due to their intense color effects and the third and newest version, LomoChrome Metropolis.  Metropolis has much more mild color effects which for us, makes it more of an everyday film while the LomoChrome purple is the type of film we’d save for special occasions or for places we’ve photographed many times before. Metropolis desaturates colors, mutes tones and adds a good amount of contrast.  It has amazing exposure latitude witch allows you to shoot it from 100-400iso.  These were all shot at 200sio which is our favorite for LomoChrome purple & Metropolis.

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4.0 rating
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Lomochrome Metropolis

4.0 rating
March 3, 2020

Unsurprisingly considered that this is a film from the lomochrome family, results are quite special. Perhaps the most normal one compared with the other loochromes, this film produces desaturated high contrast images. The lowlights tend towards blue tones, whith midtones and higlights becoming warmer the nore you expose, sometimes reaching a pink tone if you overexpose by 2 stops or more. Please note that this film has a very notoceable grain, even exposing properly, the lowlights will have a very noticeable gran, and night photography is nearly impossible unless you use an grain reduction tool on postproduction (I did and once you reduce the grain, the results using the streetlights or any form of artificial lighting are outstanding, this film loves tungsten and fluorescent color temperatures).

Roberto H. Roquer