E-6 Slide Film vs C-41 Color Negative

Exposure Latitude Comparison

We compare the exposure latitute of E-6 Slide Film and C-41 Color Negative

The following images illustrate the differences in film types by adjusting  stops and metering

This was metered for the brightest highlights which resulted in underexposure.

Opened up 1 stop

Opened up 1 more stop

As you can see, color negative film has much better exposure latitude than slide film does.

C-41 Color Negative

E-6 Slide Film

Opened up another stop

When shooting with color negative it’s best to err on overexposure because it rarely blows out the highlights.

When shooting with slide film you need to pay close attention to your exposure, metering for the mid-tones/skin-tones and avoid shooting in strong contrast light if possible

E-6 Slide Film

Example metered for highlights


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