Which camera do you prefer?

Nikon F3  Canon F-1

Both cameras were introduced in the early 1980's, with the F3 coming out a year prior to the Canon, stealing it's thunder.

the Canon "New" F-1 which is often overshadowed by the Nikon F3

While the Nikon F3 is extremely popular, the Canon "New" F-1 is practically the same camera but in some ways, it may be better.

Nikon F3  Canon F-1

They both have a 1/2000 max shutter speed, interchangeable viewfinders, and are both well built cameras that produce incredible results. But some of the advantages of the Canon are: Canon FD lenses have half stops, Canon has illuminated viewfinders making them easier to use in low light, and since the Canon "New" F-1 is lesser known, they're often cheaper and that goes for their lenses as well! #thedarkroomlab