FOS Photo Storage Subscription

Keep your photo albums stored with The Darkroom for just $1.50 a month.

The Darkroom Film Ordering System (FOS) will store each album for 60 days after the order has been uploaded no charge, but a subscription is required to store each album beyond that. Subscriptions apply to all active albums on the FOS.

Subscribing annually at $18 for the year will cover all your albums in the FOS.

$18.00 / year

The Darkroom Film Ordering Systems (FOS) creates online albums from your film orders, allowing you to view, share and edit photos even before you get your negatives and digital files mailed to you. While your photos can be downloaded and archived from the FOS, you will also be mailed a CD or USB drive with your digital files and the FOS is a service offered by The Darkroom for its customers as a convenience.

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