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TypeE6 Slide Film
Brand Kodak
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Professional Kodachrome 64 Film is an extremely fine grain film demonstrating very high sharpness. It is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications and produces a “look” that is hard to reproduce in more contemporary films.

Kodachrome 64 is a member of the “Select Series” of Kodak films. The Select Series offers serious snapshooters and photo enthusiasts the widest selection of high-performance films. Choose from Kodachrome or Kodak Elite Chrome films for slides, or Royal Gold films for prints.

  • Same film as traditional KR64 but should be refrigerated and defrosted before use
  • Archival – Kodachrome films are the most archival transparency films
  • Excellent film for general outdoor photographic use
  • Natural colors with a strong palette

Source: Kodak Specification sheet – June 2009 • E-55

KODACHROME 25, 64, and 200 Professional Films are color transparency films designed for processing in Process K-14 chemicals. These films are intended for exposure with daylight or electronic flash. You can also expose them with tungsten illumination (3200 K) or photolamps (3400 K) using filters.

KODACHROME 25 and 64 Professional Films feature extremely fine grain and extremely high sharpness. They are excellent choices for a wide variety of professional applications. KODACHROME 200 Professional Film features fine grain and extremely high sharpness. With its faster speed, the film is ideal for low-light situations and photo shoots requiring increased depth of field.

Use these films to produce color transparencies for projection or viewing with 5000 K illumination. Duplicate transparencies can be made by direct printing. To make color prints, you can print transparencies onto color reversal paper. Or make internegatives for printing onto color negative paper. You can also scan transparencies for digital printing and for graphic arts and Photo CD applications.

KODACHROME 25 Professional Film / PKM

  • Exceptional results in outdoor, travel, nature, advertising, medical, and museum/art applications
  • Extremely sharp
  • Extremely fine grain
  • Reproduces subtle color naturally
  • Archival (KODACHROME Films are the most archival transparency films)

KODACHROME 64 Professional Film / PKR

  • Excellent for advertising, medical, editorial, and outdoor, travel, and nature applications
  • Extremely sharp
  • Extremely fine grain
  • Reproduces subtle color naturally

KODACHROME 200 Professional Film / PKL

  • Well suited for sports, editorial, stage-performance, and outdoor/nature applications
  • Pushes very well to EI 500 and EI 800 under stadium lighting conditions
  • Natural colors
  • 200 speed for stopping action and for use with telephoto lenses
  • Extremely high sharpness and fine grain
  • Archival

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