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3.0 rating
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3.5 rating
TypeC-41 Negative
Brand Cinestill
Format35mm, 120
$ $ $
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GrainFine - Coarse
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Cinestill 50D which is a daylight color balanced color negative motion picture film. The remjet backing has been removed making easily developed as c-41 and gives a unique halation effect. It’s an incredibly fine grained film with unrivaled exposure latitude which is why we recommend erring on overexposure when shooting this film.

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3.5 rating
3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
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Too expensive for mediocre results

2.0 rating
July 23, 2020

Since this is a specialty film it makes sense that this film is expensive, but in my opinion this film is not worth the price for the final product. This film has an unflattering green tint that is moderately annoying to remove in post. The film cannot handle any underexposure without creating a muddy green tint to the entire image, so meter for the shadows or overexpose the film by one stop for usable results. If you want a low speed ISO film, just expose Portra 160 at 80 ISO since it will produce a much more pleasing result compared to CineStill 50D.

Roberto Ruiz

Very impressed with the results

5.0 rating
January 31, 2020

There are some color corrections you will need to do, the film does produce more of a green tint. I shoot with a Hasselblad 500cm, and will probably use a daylight color correction filter next time to see if that lessens the green tint. A little color correction and it’s fine. I very much enjoyed the results this film produced. Make sure you have PLENTY of light. 50 speed film can be challenging if you shoot later in the afternoon. I meter typically for the shadows to retain that detail, which produced very good results for me.

Lance Smith

Too green for me.

3.0 rating
January 31, 2020

Had to color correct everything for this film. Every single frame had a green tint to it. Fixable but nothing great out of the box. Go with Portra 160 or Ektar.

Bryan Birks