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Frequently asked questions about our photo lab services and processing film.

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Video Tape and Home Movie Transfers (11)

Most video orders take 12-19 working days to complete. Most film orders take 14-21 working days to complete.

No, we cannot transfer copyrighted material. If you do not own the copyright, it is illegal to make copies. If you are the copyright holder and can provide written verification or have a copyright waiver signed by the copyright owner giving you express permission, then we can proceed with a transfer.

*Check for Jane Fonda work-out tapes.

We can transfer professionally recorded footage, but we must follow the US Copyright Laws when transferring all professional footage. If you have a wedding video or a video recorded by a professional, you must obtain their permission for us to transfer the footage. Please send a signed release along with your order.

We have been handling customer’s film for over 35 years and handling video transfers for over 10 years. Once your order arrives at our facility, it is tagged and entered into our computer system for internal tracking. You will receive an email when your order arrives, when it is uploaded and when it ships. Our team of experienced video technicians handle every order with care and will transfer all your timeless moments to production-grade digital videos that you will be able to share and enjoy for years.

Blank tapes are returned at no charge.

The DVD/Transfer Lab service is a transfer service. Videotapes will not be enhanced. The quality of your transfer cannot be better than the original material submitted. As with other software products, DVD transfer orders are non-refundable.

The DarkRoom offers the easiest way to transfer your video tapes. We produce all of our work in our California labs. Nothing is outsourced to offshore companies. You’ll receive your DVD’s and optional web upload soon after we receive your order.

Yes, your materials will be returned with your order.

Check out this list of supported devices. Vimeo Players