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Frequently asked questions about our photo lab services and processing film.

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We print color prints on Kodak Royal Paper. It is available in Glossy or Matte/Lustre surface. For the technically inclined, you can read more about Royal Paper here.

True Black & White Silver Gelatin prints, they are printed on ILFORD GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER. It is available in Glossy or Pearl (Matte) surface. You can read more about the Galerie paper here.

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Our black & white prints are printed on Ilford black & white silver gelatin paper. Our preferred format for this product are 8 bit Greyscale Jpeg’s.

Make sure your monitor isn’t too bright as most monitors are too bright at their default settings, especially Apple monitors.

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Due to our automated print queuing and print nesting, print orders cannot be changed or canceled after being placed.

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There are many sites that list coupon codes for The Darkroom, but they will not work.

We know there is a coupon field on our checkout page and that many of our customers see this and then search for “The Darkroom coupon codes”, discount codes or promo codes. There are many “deal sites” that list fake coupon codes for The Darkroom and other companies to get indexed in Google and attract users to their website. Our coupon code field is used for very specific scenarios and The Darkroom has the policy to focus on aggressive pricing and value. Our approach is honest pricing and not to inflate the price and create coupons and marketing promotions to discount that inflated price.

Deal sites with coupon codes for The Darkroom are fake, so please don’t get frustrated by them. You are getting our best price.

While The Darkroom doesn’t create coupon codes, we do have Gift Cards. These are emailed to the recipient on your behalf with a personal message and at a time of your choosing.

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